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We really need your ideas and recommendations on the following:  1. How we can improve the organization as whole.  2.  How we can get more people involved to support all the young men and women of OUR program.  Please respond by going to the website or by phone, (voice or text message), email, or letter.  

 Teams for 2009: 

We anticipate having the following teams next year:  13U, 14U, 2-15U, 16U, 16U-(Girls 2 teams), and 17U 

General Info:

  1. Contact Coach Rod, 210-865-0625, or email,, to let him know your intentions for next year. 
  2. Go to the website, to submit your recommendations for improvement, including fundraising ideas as well as your comments and concerns.
  3. Contact Coach Henry, James Henry, 817-456-2006, or email if you are interested in being a part of the organization fundraising committee.
  4. Go to the website to update your personal information, i.e. mailing address, email, phone numbers, uniform sizes, and your number preference.   Everyone that registers on the website will be required to submit a payment of $50 within 30 days of registering to confirm your commitment to play or your name will be removed from the roster.

The coaches will meet on September 13th to discuss:

  1. Next year’s schedule.
  2. Getting organized for fundraising opportunities from October – December 2008
  3. When to schedule a meeting for everyone that registers to play next year.
  4. Implementing the ideas to improve the organization and getting more people involved.
    • Establish fundraising committee – at least 1 representative from each team
  5. How to resolve any concerns that have been raised.
  6. Publicity for tournaments.


September 10, 2008 – Submit ideas to improve the organization and get more people involved, potential

            fundraising opportunities, other issues and concerns.

September 10, 2008 – Contact Coach Henry if you want to be a part of the fundraising committee

October 1, 2008 - Contact Coach Rod regarding your intent to play next year.

October 1, 2008 - Parents can begin making payments for the 2009 season.      

Tournaments and Player Fees:

  1. For 2009 each team is tentatively scheduled to play 15-17 weekends/tournaments between March and August 2009 which includes the tournaments we host one national tournament.  Each team will play approximately 55-65 games.  Your feedback is vital when it comes to setting up a schedule for each team.
  2. The 13U and 14U teams will pay $600 per player PLUS the cost of the uniforms.  All other teams must pay $700 per player PLUS the cost of the uniforms. 

  "Providing Positive Life Experiences Through Sports"

  1. Lodging, transportation, tournament fees, gym rental and AAU registration fees are included.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT EVERYONE TAKE CARE OF THEIR FINANCIAL BUSINESS TO PREVENT A TEAM FROM HAVING THEIR SEASON SUSPENDED BECAUSE OF INSUFFIENT FUNDS.  We will hold firm to our word of not allowing a player or team to play if their account is not up to date.  NOTE:  These fees do not include transportation and lodging expenses for the national tournaments.  We will address the national tournaments after we determine which national tournament each team will participate in.
  2. Parents can begin making payments for their child beginning on October 1stTo show their commitment to play, all players that register must pay $50 on their account within 30 days of registering on the website or your name will be removed from the roster. 
  3. If anyone has an extenuating financial circumstance, we are asking you to consult with Coach Rod, Ed, or Daryl before that player or that team’s season is suspended.  We have other avenues, i.e. fundraising ideas; you can pursue to raise the necessary funds to support your child.
    • Submitting letters to businesses for donations
    • Working concessions with Aramark @ the AT&T Center, Verizon Amphitheater, and the Alamodome Oct 08 - Mar 09

$15 cost associated – required for TABC certification training

This is going to happen soon.  Contact Michelle Hawk @ 210-325-2926

or email, (lower case L)

    • Working food booth at the Night in Ole Converse in October 08
    • Working food booth for Air Force Open House @ Randolph AFB Nov 08
    • Working the Stock Show and Rodeo Feb 09
    • Working food booth for Fiesta Apr 09
    • Scheduling benefit dinners with restaurants, i.e. Cici’s, or  Taco Cabana
    • Selling coupon books

The key to OUR success is EVERYONE GETTING INVOLVED and not just giving us your money.  If more people will get INVOLVED we can lower the cost to play for EVERYONE!!

  1. Please do not confuse the ability to pay with the player demonstrating his commitment to the team or to achieving his personal goals.  However, communication with the organization regarding a potential hardship demonstrates the commitment.  Returning players MUST clear any outstanding debts from this past season as well. 
  2. Payments can be made through the website by using Paypal or you can mail them to:

P. O. BOX 2051

We have always prided ourselves on giving kids the opportunity to continue as RoHawks once they begin.  However, we cannot guarantee a spot for any kid if we don’t receive a response.  Therefore, a negative reply will be taken as a statement of not returning.   In closing, we also want to reemphasize the importance of communicating and encourage everyone to contact Coach Rod with your intent to play next year, including ANY UNSIGNED SENIORS that would like to participate, your feedback regarding this past season and your ideas on how we can make this organization more appealing for you and your child to be associated with.    Once again, we welcome your recommendations, comments, and concerns.  We are excited about the prospects of having another successful season in 2009.  Thanks!




RoHawk Coaches

Mike Clarkson/442-7798/
David Glasco/214-4687/
Charlie Harper/396-3830/

Rod Hector/865-0625/
James Henry/817-456-2006/
Terrance Jackson/449-4131/
Ed Johnson/386-7010/
Daryl Richardson/378-9257/
Leroy Williams/273-3957/


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