Ro-Hawk Alumni Andre Roberson      
Gets to the NBA


Welcome to the SaRohawks

A group of volunteer coaches facilitating educational opportunities and athletic excellence.  We promote physical fitness and sportsmanship to challenge our youth and keep them engaged in a positive environment.  In 1996 we started with twelve 10 and 11 year old young men.  The program has since grown to over 100 young men and women ranging from ages 10 to 17. In 2021 we aim to continue that growth and facilitate over 150 kids by 2022. We want to build our youth programs 4th grade - 8th grade and build our core, while expanding each respected atheltes social media and video brand. 

We are pleased to report our players have been engaged and challenged over the years.  They have competed extremely well at various levels of competition throughout the state and nation.  We are also proud to state that our graduating class of 2004, which were the original RoHawks, 11 of the 13 young men garnered athletic scholarships.   


The base of our program started in the Converse, Live Oak, Universal City and Schertz communities outside San Antonio.  We have since grown to include young men from Boerne, East Central, New Braunfels, Smithson Valley, South San Antonio, Southwest San Antonio and East San Antonio.  The growth we have experienced has helped us bring together young athletes from diverse backgrounds and experiences.  These opportunities have aided immeasurably in their personal growth and social development.  Our diversity gives the youths of our program the opportunity to witness, experience, and more importantly appreciate the different cultures that shape San Antonio.
Every young man or woman, no matter who they are or where they come from is one decision (good or bad) away from determining their future.   We remain committed to the physical, mental, emotional, and social development of the young men and women in our organization by offering positive alternatives and teaching sound decision making skills.


Come experience an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party™ that will get you moving towards better health.

Tony Parker, of the San Antonio Spurs, Congratulates the 14U Rohawks for their Victory in Dallas
Ro-Hawk Alumni Jordan Clarkson  Gets to the NBA

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